Drygalski Fjord – 54° 49’ S, 36° 0’W

Drygalski Fjord is a bay 1 mile (1.6 km) wide which recedes northwestwards 7 miles (11 km), entered immediately north of Nattriss Head along the southeast coast of South Georgia. It was charted by the Second German Antarctic Expedition, 1911–12, under Wilhelm Filchner, and named for Professor Erich von Drygalski, the leader of the First German Antarctica Expedition, 1901–03.
Dygalski Fjord has unique geology with the south-western side being pushed up from the ocean floor and the north-eastern side being from the original continent of Gondwana. The variety of geological forms is astonishing – from basalt pillows to granite and dolerite intrusions.